About Us

Country Diva Boutique opened because of a small town country girls Love of fashion.  Former owner of Divas Handbags in the Local Mall (2006-2012) Selena McClelland's passion for fashion and enterpernualship has never left her heart.  This year that spark was reignited and Country Diva Boutique opened for business 2017. Our boutique stockroom is located in the backroads of WV. Sales are currently online only. But a few open houses and pit stops at vendor events are scheduled on our calendar. 

Our t shirts are created especially for women who love faith, family, and encouraging others. They help serve as a reminder of what is most important in our lives. We are a Christian family who, bible study together, pray together and strive to uphold Christian values in our home. And although we don’t get it perfect every time, we are perfectly forgiven. 

Each faith based t shirt is prayed over before it leaves our stockroom. There is unforeseen blessings in every package. And it is my prayer that each shirt might be a witness tool in the mission fields of life, to spark conversations, or give someone a smile or a gentle reminder that God is there.


 The Owner: Selena McClelland,-- As a child, I was encouraged from my father to chase my dreams. You can be anything you want to be, may sound cliché but positive and supportive reinforcements gives confidence to a driven spirit. I'm no stranger to dedication and hard work. I am a full time working mom, wife and boutique owner, who loves God and my family. Like many of you strong women I juggle multiple things in my life, and I'm forever grateful for my new opportunity to help lift others up.

Take your time and look around the website, and know when you support a small business owner you are helping me support my family and achieve my dream of a boutique owner.

And I'd love to encourage you to chase your dreams. Whether they be big or small you can conquer all. It doesn't matter the pace at which you accomplish them, just that you are steadily stepping forward.

Love & Prayers, Selena McClelland


 The McClelland Family